Fiddler’s Green

“Michael Fraser, Death Weed & Buffy – Fiddler’s Green”
Tragically Hip / Gord Downie Tribute.
(Click here to download)


So sad to hear about Gord Downie’s passing. I was listening to CBC yesterday and all the stories and sentimental moods about Gordon Downie really got to me.

I was on my way to pick up my cousin who’s stage alias is “Death Weed” (very westcoast, right?) and on the way to pick him up I heard CBC play “Fiddler’s Green”. WOW.

We went to my production studio immediately and began recording the guitar changes to Fiddler’s Green… I added a beat a la Shambhala Festival later this evening I convinced my wife Buffy to record some vocals/harmonies through my built-in laptop microphone. It turned into something quite daft. To finish off the production, I added a violin solo at the beginning of the song using two notes that were recorded in a session a few days ago, because well… I kind of had to make it work, I wanted a violin solo, but I didn’t have my violin and I was finishing up the production at Breka Cafe in Kitsilano at 2am the morning after Gord Downie’s passing.

Please share if you respect the legacy Gord & Tragically Hip left behind for us Canadians.